The Insurers Association of Zambia (IAZ) is a member organisation for all licensed insurers and re- insurers companies in the country. IAZ was formed in 1997 by the first few insurance companies that were licensed following the liberalisation of the economy. ZSIC General Insurance Limited (Zambia State Insurance Corporation Limited at the time) had been the only insurance company in the country, allowed to carry out insurance business from 1968 to 1991. However, following the opening up of the industry more companies started operating, which brought about the need to have a common body to speak on behalf of the industry and to champion the interests of insurance companies.


(a) protect, promote and advance the common interests of Members, including the taking of any necessary measures whenever the business of a Member is, or is likely to be, affected by an action or proposed action of any authority, organisation, body or person;

(b)promote professionalism in the conduct of insurance business by the Members;

(c) promote agreement and co-operation among the Members on matters of mutual interest;

(d) provide resolution mechanisms for any disputes among Members;

(e) act as a consultant to the Government of the Republic of Zambia in matters related to insurance;

(f) consult, co-operate with, or be affiliated to, other associations or similar bodies within and outside Zambia with regards to matters of mutual interest;

(g) promote knowledge and a clearer understanding of insurance;

(h) gather and collate data, information and market-wide statistics from Members, for the purpose of determining market trends and satisfying any other requirements set by the Board from time to time;

(i) manage the assets and funds realized from contributions by Members and out of investments made for the benefit of the Members; and

(j) do all such things connected with, or incidental to the objects of the Association.



The role of the Association is to ensure that a favorable climate exists for insurance companies, to enable them to carry out their business in a professional manner. The Association also considers itself as the insurance ambassador to the Zambian public – the fact that IAZ is not promoting any particular company, but merely highlighting the beneficial aspects of insurance to the country, places it in a uniquely favorable position to be able to champion the growth of the insurance sector.