Terms and conditions, Hidden in plain sight

Her sight was getting worse, and she finally consulted a few friends and one or two aunties. She was given a prescription of crushed leaves mixed in water and told to apply that mixture to her eye. When things got worse, she finally found her way to a hospital. The doctor was horrified at the damage she had done to her own eye – she had made things even worse. And the clinic was only 15 minutes away from her home! Sometimes we prefer depending on rumors rather than seeking expert advice. We create our own myths about what is healthy and what is not. In this age of internet, a lot of information is just a click away. Experts can be consulted with a phone call, but sometimes we prefer to ask others who have as little experience as we do. It becomes a case of the “blind leading the blind”. And no, there is no conspiracy to keep the real information a secret. The truth is nearer than we think. This analogy can be applied to other situations. … Continue reading Terms and conditions, Hidden in plain sight