Common reasons why motor insurance claims are rejected

Many times people feel cheated when an insurance claim is not settled. While some cases might have their own mitigating factors, there are some clear situations which will work against you every time, and if you can avoid these situations, you can avoid having a claim rejected by an insurance company. Picture the scene where a runner is on the race track. He leaves all the other runners a few metres behind and bolts across the finish line, hands raised in triumph. An official approaches and speaks to him, a concerned crowd wondering what is happening. The downcast runner walks off the field. He has been disqualified for crossing his lane in the relay race. Insurance also has rules, and like everything else, we are rewarded when we act within the rules. To avoid disappointment, here are some things you have to avoid, because they lead to a rejected or disqualified claim. No cover or expired cover The most obvious reason is expired cover or lack of cover. Insurance is a contract that also states the time period that cover … Continue reading Common reasons why motor insurance claims are rejected